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A Stereoscopic Pinhole Camera

Rediscover the old technique of stereoscopy by using a binocular camera and a stereoscope!

The Minuta Stereo Project

I proudly present you an affordable starter set to make 3D photography accessible to everyone and to grow the community of stereographers.

This project will only become reality, if the Kickstarter campaign gets funded.

Studio Stereo
Dominik Oczkowski
Oczko Stereo Logo

Hi, my name is Dominik Oczkowski

2020 I founded Oczko Stereo to design and construct stereoscopic equipment.

The Forgotten Technique of Spatial Photography

I proudly present you my first commercial project: 
Minuta Stereo is a camera to make stereoscopy accessible to normal photographers. 

Become a stereographer!

Minuta Stereo Wiggle
Minuta Stereo as seen on
Minuta Stereo Slides
The Camera
Minuta Stereo Front

Two Light Chambers with Small Holes

Minuta Stereo is the archetype camera, doubled to be binocular. The pinhole lenses have human eye distance, to generate realistic 3D.

You can use it as a normal 2D pinhole with the eyepatch!

Minuta Stereo Back

Load any Medium Format or 35 mm Film!

Minuta Stereo Top

Eco Friendly Precision

The accurate parts are laser-cut out of an eco friendly wooden composite. The solvent-free paint makes it water-repellant.

Minuta Stereo is powered by green electricity!

Minuta Stereo Open

Optional Rise or Fall by 1/3

A special feature for architecture photographers:

Avoid keystoning by photographing upwards or downwards without tilting the camera. Check the level on top!

Minuta Stereo Viewfinder
Minuta Stereo Viewfinder

Interchangeable Viewfinder

Align the three beads in the center of the aiming holes to get the correct angle of view and use the viewfinder holder when you are outdoors.

35 mm Film Clicker

The clicker will let you hear how far to advance the film. 

Minuta Stereo Clicker
Minuta Stereo Pinholes

© Paul Koza / Munich

High Precision Drilled Pinholes

Two drilled pinholes in 0.025 mm thin burnished brass foil will expose your film identically.

The Ready Built Set or the Construction Kit?

You can choose to build up your equipment yourself. The assembly manual will guide you step by step.

Minuta Stereo the Remainings

This may not be the final design!

There is always something to optimize untill the very last day before production ;–)

1 Camera 8 Formats
8 Formats
Minuta Stereo Formats
Some Examples
Minuta Stereo Regatta Pair
Minuta Stereo Regatta Wiggle
Minuta Stereo 120 Square
Minuta Stereo Wiggle Villa Detail
Minuta Stereo Door Pair
Minuta Stereo Wiggle Door
Minuta Stereo Panorama

Learn the Entire Process

This manual will guide you step by step to become a good stereographer.

Minuta Stereo Manual
The Stereoscope
The Stereoscope

A Viewer for Haptic 3D Photography

Emulsia Stereo comes with high precision acrylic lenses and a big diffusor screen.

Experience stunning depth of space combined with the magic aura of analog film in your hands!

Emulsia Stereo
Emulsia Stereo with Slides

Analogue Stereo Slides

Insert slide pairs into your stereoscope with the included frames!

You will view the actual piece of film exposed inside your camera.

Minuta Stereo Merge
Digital Negatives
Emulsia Stereo with Smartphone

Use the High Resolution Display in Your Pocket

Digitize negative film and insert your smartphone into the stereoscope!

Benefit from existing apps like 3D Steroid Pro or 3D Photo for auto alignment!

So why no VR
Lord Dunlo in garden with stereo camera by Dillon Family

Lord Dunlo with stereo camera by Dillon Family, 1864

Analogue Pinhole 3D

Rediscover the Forgotten Technique of Spatial Photography!

  • frame the world with your viewfinder
  • learn visual composition in three dimensional space
  • get creative with the coincidence of your pinhole
  • see the grain and bokeh in a complete analogue process
  • study many spatial layers in your motifs

Stay true to Photography – Just add 3D!

Tactile Light Shared on the Couch

Even with your mobile device inserted: The act of viewing the results through a stereoscope will be a pleasantly physical and tangible experience.

Catch time, light and space to conserve the past!

Stereo Ladies
Please support me!
Please support me

Let Oczko Stereo become a Long Lasting Enterprise

Please get your Minuta Stereo and spread the word to grow the community of stereo 3D lovers! 

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We are now live on Kickstarter!


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